BSL Café at the Attenborough Arts Centre.

Life Links attended The British Sign Language (BSL) Café at The Attenborough Arts Centre on Saturday 18 May.  The purpose of this group is to give all British Sign Language (BSL) students  and anyone interested in learning BSL a chance to get together and practice signing.  One of our staff members, who is learning BSL, went along and relayed our service leaflet in BSL.  This opened up the conversation on Mental Health Awareness Week  within the group, this included members of the deaf community as well as members who are hearing.  We all learnt signs relating to mental health.

Hanisha, who runs the group, said

“I found information about Mental Health Awareness interesting to me and everyone…We learnt so much about what is it, what meant, what type of mental health and more.. They give you support how to change your life as this is important”

The group gets together at every third Saturday of the month. The next meeting is on Saturday 15 June 2019.

Thanks so much for inviting us along!