Sarahleigh’s Recovery Story

Here at Life Links, we are always pleasede to hear people’s success stories. One such story comes from Sarahleigh, a person who used our service recently. Here’s what she had to say:

Before I began my support with Life Links I was suffering with depression, social and general anxiety, stress and hopelessness. With my recovery worker I learned about healthy eating, how certain foods can help to improve my mood and meal planning. I received support with managing my emotions by learning techniques such as mindfulness and grounding techniques. I was able to break cycles of unhelpful thinking by learning how to challenge those thoughts.

I am now feeling hopeful and have a much more positive outlook on life. Life Links have helped me to make positive changes by giving me the tools and coping strategies to use in my everyday life and keep me well.

We are so pleased for you Sarahleigh, and we are happy we could help! We wish you and everybody else all the best for your futures!

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