Life Links Have ‘Time to Talk

Thursday 7 February was Time to Talk Day, a national awareness day which encourages people to have conversations around mental health. The day aims to raise awareness of mental ill health and break down stigma by showing that even small conversations with loved ones can help keep us well.

Here at Life Links  we organised two different activities to raise awareness of this important day. First, we went to Blaby District Council to promote  Time to Talk Day to the staff there. We took along our mascot Sparky and asked the question “Who do you talk to when feeling low?”. We received some great answers and were thrilled to share more information about our service with the council’s staff!

Our second activity took place at the High Cross shopping centre, where we were joined by Mark and Cat from Leicester City Council. Here, we had conversations with shoppers, shared our leaflets and even gave out biscuits. It was great to have so many meaningful chats with people and we were touched to hear people’s stories of recovery and wellbeing.

Thank you to Blaby District Council, Leicester City Council and the High Cross Shopping Centre for working with us. We look forward to more collaborations in the future!

Time to Talk Day is an activity coordinated by Time to Change, a national campaigning charity focused on breaking down the stigma around mental ill health. If you want to know more about them, including how to get involved with volunteering and their other activities, take a look at their website.