Braunstone Town Mayor Awards 2021

On Friday 7th May, Leah and I attended the Award meeting on behalf of Leicester Life Links. We were delighted to have been invited and attend this virtual Zoom event.

Firstly we would like to say a big thankyou to the Town Mayor, Parminder Basra, for saying such nice words about our service! The Town Mayor has been raising funds for Leicester Life Links as her designated Charity throughout her term in office and we are delighted to have received a donation raised by the Braunstone community! We were able to say a few words, where Leah and I expressed our gratitude to the Mayor and the Braunstone residents.

We also had the opportunity to hear and see the various charities and the work they do for the residents of Braunstone town and seeing the awards won! It was humbling to be amongst all the wonderful people, Councillor’s, Volunteers, Staff and Parminder and hear about all the support they give to Braunstone Town and Leicester Life Links.

Steve Hall (Peer Support Volunteer), Leah Hood (Volunteer Coordinator).