“When I first started working with Life Links I felt unable to manage my anxiety; I avoided social situations and found it difficult to conduct day to day tasks like shopping at my local supermarket. Since seeing my Recovery Worker, I have learnt more about how anxiety manifests and effects that it has on the mind and body; I have also been taught coping mechanisms such as breathing exercises which have helped me manage my symptoms. In addition to this, I have learnt how to challenge unhelpful thoughts and become a more rational person which has enabled me to put my thoughts into perspective. I have also received practical support to help manage my financial difficulties; I have learnt how to budget and have been made aware of different financial support services. I have also worked on improving my confidence and self-esteem as well as receiving support to develop a meal plan aimed at helping me to lose weight.

The relationship that I have with my Recovery Worker has supported my recovery as I am able to talk to her about any worries or concerns that I have as she makes me feel comfortable and does not judge me.”

Rachel Beaumont Leys