Life Links Link Up with Recovery College

Our Volunteer Co-ordinator Shannon and Recovery Worker Seema were pleased to attend the Recovery College at Glenfield Hospital to present a workshop on ‘Stress’.

The workshop aimed to build awareness around mental health, be able to define stress and identify its signs and learn some ways of managing stress.

Participants enjoyed learning about mindfulness and grounding techniques which included using all senses; taste, touch, smell, sight and sound!

The workshop was interactive and the participants were happy to share ideas and tips on what they do to combat stress. Learners gave great feedback for the day!

Here are a few examples of what they had to say:

“It was very well presented by Seema and Shannon”

“Very informative – thank you.”

“I’ll try to be more mindful and intend on having relaxation techniques”

“The stress ball will be useful – thank you!”

The afternoon was full energy. Thank you for having us Recovery College!

Heads Up!

We’re also thrilled to announce that we will be delivering a ‘managing emotions’ course as part of the Recovery college’s prospectus. Keep an eye out for us in their upcoming edition!