Involving People at the Involvement Centre

On Friday 17 May we went to the involvement centre at the Bradgate unit. The day consisted of an hour long talk on ‘body image’, this year’s theme, and then afterwards we set a stand up in the involvement centre for people to come and talk to us.

The talk went really well and those who came really engaged with it. A lot of time was spent talking about valuing yourself as a person, and finding self worth. We spoke about the conflicts that people can find within themselves when their body image does not match up to their perceived ideal body. However, we looked at how the idealised body has changed over time and how it alters in the present day between different cultures.

One of the participants spoke about how chasing an ‘idealised body’ can often be a task destined for failure, as an idealised body is very often unattainable. We then had the participants focus on their positive qualities and self compassion to show that their overall worth and value as a person, extends far beyond simply their physical appearance!

Thanks to the involvement centre for inviting us!