Do you want to get physically and mentally healthier this summer?


Are you interested in exercising outdoors?


If so, why not given one of the 30 FREE outdoor gyms in Leicester a try?


We would like to highlight the brilliant work of the Public Health Team at Leicester City Council, who have launched the outdoor gym initiative. These gyms aim to promote and raise awareness of the benefits of physical activity on your physical AND mental health – and we at Life Links are on board!

There are over 30 outdoor gyms available across Leicester, all completely free and accessible for anyone to use in your local park. So go on and take the opportunity to break up your day and stay fit and active over the summer.

As well as benefiting physical fitness, outdoor activity is also brilliant for your mental health. Outdoor gyms provide an opportunity to get fresh air, improve your general wellbeing, and enjoy the sunshine!

Andrea Thorne, from the Public Health Team at Leicester City Council spoke passionately of the outdoor gym initiative, explaining how the project will help engage and unite local communities in Leicester:

“Outdoor gyms can contribute to better physical and mental wellbeing, and therefore we are strongly encouraging communities across Leicester to go and give them a go, no matter their experience and ability. They are easy to incorporate into your daily routine and a great way to socialise with family and friends whist being outside in natural green space.”

A summer programme of instructor-led sessions in 12 parks across the city will be running every week until August Sunday 26th August.

Click here to see the timetable!

Click here to see a map of all outdoor gyms in Leicester City and some tips on how to get started!