Leicester College Stress Talks

Raising awareness of stress and mental health for young people and mature students

Throughout the week of 9th April 2018, Life Links attended Leicester College to talk about stress and psychological wellbeing. They delivered a total of eighteen workshops to over one hundred students, discussing how they might be able to manage stress and avoid mental health problems.

Beth from Life Links said of the talks:-

It was fun meeting the students of Leicester College. We know that students can get very stressed, especially around assignment time, so it was nice to offer a helping hand with this. Thank you to Leicester College for inviting us.”

Marisha West, Learning Coach at Leicester College, said:

“Our learners at Leicester College really benefited from Richmond Fellowship’s week-long visit. I felt it was really important for them to learn more about the difference between some mental health conditions and to be able to recognise when they are feeling stressed, as well as identify methods to combat this. Overall, it was a very positive experience for the learners and one that hopefully had a positive impact on them. It’s crucial that young people know about the different types of support available to them and build up the confidence to speak more openly about how they’re feeling, in order to ask for help, if necessary.”

Thanks again to all of the students and staff that invited us to take part in this. Good luck to all the students with their assignments!