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Life Links provides a wellness recovery service tailored to meet your needs.

Our information, advice and navigation services can help you find community and digital resources that will help you to achieve your recovery outcomes, make your independence more sustainable and support you in developing your own support networks.

Our community recovery support is available to you as an individual or as part of a wider group and can be provided at a community venue local to you.

The support we offer focuses on your strengths, needs and future aspirations.

Life Links is operated by national mental health charity Richmond Fellowship in partnership with:

Leicester City Council

Leicestershire County Council

Leicester City NHS CCG

East Leicestershire & Rutland NHS CCG

Richmond Fellowship is a national mental health charity making recovery reality for thousands of people every year.

We provide a wide range of services including residential support, supported housing, employment services, community support and crisis support.

“My advice to anyone who suffers from mental health difficulties is to use any support Richmond Fellowship offers because it works!”

A Life Links Client


Life Links provides a number of different support networks offering you the flexibility to choose how you receive support dependent on your own personal needs.

The different support options we offer include:


 Information, advice and navigation services delivered in many community locations 

One to one sessions delivered in your own home or at a nearby community venue 

 Group support sessions delivered in a range of community venues local to you 

Tailored information to meet your needs and preferences 

We also run regular open access surgeries at our offices and the Involvement Centre at the Bradgate unit.

Contact us for latest dates. 


This site contains a directory of local services that can be easily browsed and filtered for what you need.

It also includes an automated self help assistant (chatbot) available 24/7 that allows you to ask questions online to get a better understanding of the support you might need.

We also offer a self referral service where you can make a request for one of our specialist trained staff to contact you to provide you with a more detailed assessment of your needs.


Our Freephone support line is staffed Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Our specialist trained staff can provide you with support and advice on your personal needs. You can contact our team by calling 0800 0234 575.

If you are calling our support line out of hours, you will be provided with a list of other services that are available to you.